Content Guidline encourages users to share a variety of content including reviews, photos, videos, text, and more. However, it’s important to follow these guidelines for specific types of contributions:

Inappropriate Content:

Posting content that contains threats, harassment, vulgarity, hate speech, or other forms of bigotry is strictly prohibited.

Conflict of Interest:

Your contributions should be objective and impartial. Writing reviews for your own business, employer, friends, relatives, relative’s business, peers, competitors, or businesses in your network is not allowed. Business owners should also not solicit reviews from customers.

Promotional Content:

Unless you’re using your business owner account to add content to your business’s profile page, normal users are generally not allowed to post advertisements.


Make sure your contribution is relevant and suitable for the platform. Content based on race, skin color, religion, politics, or any other unrelated matter to consumer experience is not allowed.


Posting anyone’s personal information is prohibited. Close-up photos or videos without permission should not be posted. Intellectual Property: Copying content from other sites or users is not allowed. Always create original reviews, photos, and videos.

Demanding Payment:

Asking for a refund after a negative experience is acceptable, but using review removal or posting as a means to demand payment from a business is not allowed, even if you were a customer.