Bag Week Reviews: Ogio Epic Backpack – A Gadget Freak’s Dream

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In the realm of backpacks designed for gadget enthusiasts, the Ogio Epic Backpack stands out as a true gem. This comprehensive review will delve into its features, pros, and cons, providing an in-depth analysis of why it’s hailed as the perfect backpack for tech aficionados.

Ogio Epic Backpack  Features

The Ogio Epic Backpack boasts an array of features tailored for the modern gadget user:

 Ogio Epic Backpack

  1. Side Entry Notebook Pocket

  • Accommodates up to 17-inch notebooks.
  1. Top-Mounted, Fleece-Lined Camera Pocket

  • Ideal for safely stowing cameras, such as the Nikon D40, with a convenient fleece lining.
  1. Water Bottle Holder

  • Two insulated sleeves with leak ports for easy hydration on the go.
  1. Ventilated Rear Panel

  • Designed to reduce back sweat with a three-section padded back panel.
  1. Ample Storage

  • Multiple pockets for gadgets, chargers, batteries, airline tickets, and a deluxe organization panel.
  1. Clever Labeling

  • Thoughtful labeling on pockets for intuitive use.

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As affirmed by the Street City Corp review, the Ogio Epic Backpack surpasses expectations. Its design caters to gadget freaks without overwhelming them with excessive pockets. Noteworthy features include:

  1. Top-Mounted Camera Pocket

  • Lined with fleece, providing a secure and separate space for cameras.
  1. Front Organization

  • Three-layered front part with designated pockets for charges, batteries, airline tickets, and a standard organization panel.
  1. Comfortable Wear

  • The bag’s construction ensures comfort, with a top-notch fit and form.
  1. Standard Storage

  • Large top-opening section for magazines, books, and papers, along with a side-opening padded notebook section.

Ogio Epic Backpack

Product Details

  1. Material

  • 1,680D ballistic nylon/1,200D poly for durability.
  1. Size

  • 20″H x 13.5″W x 11″D, offering ample space for gadgets and essentials.
  1. Additional Features

  • Adjustable sternum strap, digital media pockets with weatherproof zippers, and headphone exit port.

Why Choose Ogio Epic?

If you find yourself traveling with an abundance of gadgets, the Ogio Epic Backpack is a must-buy. Tailored to seamlessly fit the lifestyle of tech enthusiasts, this backpack combines functionality with a stylish design. Highly recommended for those who demand both quality and aesthetics in their gear.


In conclusion, the Ogio Epic Backpack emerges as a top-tier choice for individuals with a penchant for gadgets. Its thoughtful design, abundance of pockets, and comfortable wear make it a standout in the realm of backpacks. Invest in the Ogio Epic Backpack for a seamless and stylish solution to carrying your tech essentials.


Is the Ogio Epic Backpack suitable for 17-inch notebooks?
Yes, the backpack features a side entry notebook pocket specifically designed for notebooks up to 17 inches.

Are the digital media pockets weatherproof?
Yes, the backpack includes two fleece-lined digital media pockets with weatherproof zippers.

Can I carry a water bottle in the Ogio Epic Backpack?
The backpack is equipped with two insulated water bottle sleeves with leak ports.

How does the Ogio Epic Backpack handle back sweat?
The backpack’s ventilated rear panel and three-section padded back panel effectively reduce back sweat during wear.

What is the main material used in the Ogio Epic Backpack?
The backpack is crafted from 1,680D ballistic nylon/1,200D poly, ensuring durability and longevity.

Is there a designated pocket for airline tickets?
Yes, the front part of the backpack includes an easy-access airline ticket and magazine sleeve for travel convenience.

Does the Ogio Epic Backpack come with a sternum strap?
Yes, the backpack features an adjustable sternum strap for added support and comfort.

Can I store a camera in the backpack?
Certainly, the top-mounted, fleece-lined camera pocket is designed to securely hold cameras.

What are the dimensions of the Ogio Epic Backpack?
The backpack measures 20″H x 13.5″W x 11″D, providing ample space for gadgets and personal items.

Are the pockets labeled for easy use?
Yes, Ogio has cleverly labeled the pockets for intuitive organization and usage.

Is the Ogio Epic Backpack suitable for everyday use?
The backpack’s design and features make it suitable for both everyday use and travel.

Can I carry a laptop in the Ogio Epic Backpack?
Yes, the backpack includes a side-opening padded notebook section suitable for laptops.

What is the price of the Ogio Epic Backpack?
The backpack is reasonably priced at $109 MSRP, offering great value for its features.

Are there any cons to the Ogio Epic Backpack?
No significant cons have been identified, making it a highly recommended choice.

Does the backpack come with a warranty?
Information about the warranty is not provided in the given article.

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